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Our CerroZone mobile device has gone through extensive testing to prove both its effectiveness against a wide range of airborne pathogens and its safety. The chart below gives a quick summary of our various testing results and industry certifications. For details, click the links below to view the corresponding reports/abstracts. Certain proprietary information has been redacted from the reports, but no test procedures or results have been edited. Full reports can be made available after execution of a binding non-disclosure agreement. Contact if interested.

Organization/Third PartyTestResults
ARE LabsEffectiveness on surrogate Covid-19 virus, RNA virus and MS2 virus99%+ reduction in 1.2 seconds (view report)
ARE LabsEffectiveness on surrogate Covid-19 virus, RNA virus and MS2 virus99.999957%+ reduction (view report)
ARE LabsMeasurement of ozone level exhausted from the unitNo trial exceeded an average reading of over 0.001 ppm
University of Missouri Laboratory for Infectious DiseasesEffectiveness on LIVE Covid-19 virus99.97%+ reduction in less than 30 seconds
MRI GlobalEffectiveness on LIVE Covid-19 virus99.75%-99.974% reduction in less than 14 seconds (view report)
MRI GlobalEffectiveness on additional LIVE Covid-19 virus variantsPending
FDA510(k) Class II Medical Device Clearance Pending
Intertek“Zero Ozone” designationPending
CARBClearance to sell ozone generatorCertified
ULUL ListingCertified
CBETL Mark for EuropeCertified