Proven, new-to-the-world technology for safer indoor air – arriving Q3 2021.

Independent testing results:

  • 99.974% elimination of live COVID-19 virus in under 14 seconds at MRI Global.
  • 99.968% elimination of live COVID-19 virus in a single pass at the University of Missouri Laboratory for Infectious Diseases.
  • 99.999% kill rate on synthetic COVID-19 virus at ARE Laboratories.
  • Testing proved that ozone levels in the air leaving the unit are lower than in the air entering the unit (just 0.017 PPM).


  • Units will be certified by Intertek's Zero Ozone Verification Program.
  • Units will have FDA 510k certification to be sold as a medical device (application pending).

With final testing of our products nearly complete, both wall-mounted and mobile units are now expected to be available for delivery during the third quarter of 2021.

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