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The CerroZone mobile device is designed for fast implementation and minimal ongoing maintenance. Upon receipt, there is no installation or service required. Simply unbox the unit and plug it into a standard electrical outlet. IoT set up can be done by scanning a QR code. 

Service/maintenance is only required every 12 months – minimizing down time – based on running the device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All service items may be purchased from a CerroZone authorized agent. Only CerroZone authorized service agents can service the equipment to maintain the product warranty.

All CerroZone mobile devices are backed by our 5-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Maintenance Schedule

  • Year 1: Bulb kit
  • Year 2: Bulb kit
  • Year 3: Bulb kit + ballast kit
  • Year 4: Bulb kit
  • Year 5: Bulb kit + catalyst kit
  • Year 6: Bulb kit + ballast kit
  • Year 7: Bulb kit
  • Year 8: Bulb kit
  • Year 9: Bulb kit + ballast kit
  • Year 10: Bulb kit + catalyst kit